This was my first intricate project I made using my own CNC machine. I reworked some of my techniques I used when I made these out of paper and foam core to be more compatible with rigid materials like PVC, HDU, and MDF.  
The primary motivation for the development of this sign was simply to become more familiar with the capabilities and tolerances of CNC router machining. Shaping my ideas to be compatible with modern digital fabrication techniques is a skill I determine to be highly critical for the continued advancement of my capabilities. 
Design Concept
I tried to go a different direction then all the other power washing logos out there for better or worse. Instead of leaning heavily into the typical power washing wand. I tried to reinforce the idea of protecting  the things around you be it a customers home or driveway. I leaned heavily to a cooler color pallet invoking a sense of the water used in the process by having water droplets as an element in the logo.
Fabrication Technique
I advanced my use of a "technical base" with this sign by having illuminated pockets and allowing for channels wiring to all be routed out of one thin layer while also maintaining material rigidity. There are three light blue elements made from 1/8in clear acrylic with a light blue translucent vinyl layer over the top allowing for colored light to filter through the surface. PVC was used for the dark blue center element. Routed using a ballnose end mill, the surface of this sign has a high degree of visual interest over a simple flat face. Last but not least, the prismatic  lettering was also cut out of PVC using a 120 degree V bit.  
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