This is a curated selection of my own work as a photographer ranging from landscapes in Alaska and street photography in Tennessee to black and white photography in Ohio and class work in Florida with many states and styles in between.
lots of kids had the opportunity to play around with those old View Master toys and the wide range of film reels that came with them. I decided to use those very reels to display my photos in this piece and to evoke a sense of nostalgia back to ones childhood. 
Design Concept
My journey to becoming a designer all started with me developing my interest in photography. I wanted to find some way to connect my love of photography with my skill as a sign maker. I created this piece to achieve exactly that. I decided to style the piece off of the design guide lines for Crabtree Creative to further develop my brand and understood skill set. 
Fabrication Technique
A variable speed motor rotates the connected reel. A backlit panel which protrudes from the side illuminates the photo in the proper viewing orientation forcing a point of interest. The motor and the lights are powered by an internal battery compartment that also allows it to be plugged into an outlet. The word “photography” has been elevated off the surface and the removable front panel has hidden LED’s on the inside lip of the frame.
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